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hello, my name is jake.

grateful for your time and stoked you're here.


to be transparent, i am not a surface level dude. i wear my heart on my sleeve and make photographs from the deepest root of passion i have.


i'm writing this about me in a way i'd also talk as if we were in person having this conversation.


sometimes these about me pages are the hardest part for me because i always feel some type of way when writing about myself. i DO know that i'm head over heels grateful to have found my passion at 20 years old and have been a photographer since 2015, i was 21 years of age when i picked up a camera. it was a beautiful combination of using a Canon Rebel T2i and the app VSCO that led me to success. fast forward to 2023, i had the pleasure of being an ambassador for VSCO. 

i'm currently based in the central coast of california in san luis obispo but always open minded to travel and have 9+ years in the wedding industry. i love - love, and am open to all kinds and colors of love. 

i'm well versed in digital & film photography for weddings and also shoot super 8 film (a cool vibey wedding video) - with every person i work with, it's my biggest priority to document your day true to you and as authentically possible. i'm a huge sports guy and am on your team and want to make this process of booking a wedding photographer suuuuper fun and easy and honestly, stressless. i do about 20-30 weddings / elopements a year so i'd love to help and answer any questions you may have. in my humble opinion, a phone call would be the most ideal next step to get to know each other more to see if we are a great match. i purposely do not list my prices on my website because every event and couple are unique to themselves. feel free to fill out the contact form or contact me directly at

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