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the classic story of an iphone + VSCO combo is what i'm a product of. i picked up an iphone back in high school back in 2010ish. i was always that friend who would take photos of friends on hikes, playing soccer ( haha soccer was my first love and i've played it since 3 years old & i'm a huge Real Madrid supporter.) & i'd just take iphone flicks of whatever sparked my mind. 

the VSCO app facilitated the whole editing process, i fell in love with applying different presets to the same photo and comparing the differences. 

i did the iphone thing from 2010 - 2015 ish.

2015 - now, my mom had bought a canon rebel t2i for herself to take photos of our family and mainly my younger brother luke playing soccer, haha, he is more of the athletic one and i guess i'm more of the creative one. 

2015 - 2017 were rapid years of growth. i started with luke's high school football and soccer games. the understanding of how to photograph sports easily translated to photographing people super well for me. i dabbled a bit also into concert photographing having the pleasure of photographing G-Eazy, E-40, Logic, Hate Drugs, Coin, Jet Black Alley Cat + so many other genuine indie rock bands. i've been on tour multiple times with Hate Drugs. 

2016 - i fell in love with stories of people, i fell in love with understanding the reasons why people do what they do. in 2016, i hit it hard with portraiture and fully sent it into photographing models, couples, weddings, private events, headshots and anything with people. 

2017 - in september, i quit my job at outback steakhouse and dropped out of school and told myself to live a life filled with things i actually want to do. from then, i haven't looked back and have not been more passionate about anything in my life. 


sooo, big shout out bakersfield, ca. my hometown. 

being born and raised in bakersfield, it forced me to make do with what i have. i love my hometown but art isn't the first workforce you think of when you think bakersfield. i've met some of my best friends and have shot for so many genuine folks in bakersfield. 

i moved to oregon for a summer and caught a vibe for the pnw. you'll catch me now bouncing all up and down the west coast for work.

i currently live in slo, ca. 

san luis obispo. 

let's goooooo.

Soooo yes, i am a wedding photographer, yes i'm a film photographer, yes i also shoot super 8 films, i can't categorize myself as one style of photographer, i love all vibes. this website was designed to showcase all the stuff i love to photograph. it would be an honor to shoot for you and document your event, or shoot your campaign. i'm well versed in film, digital & super 8mm formats. 

let's talk it up. 

- jake 

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